Hello, this is my introductory post to, what I hope will be, a successful blog that you all enjoy!

I’m Bethan, an undergrad student from England. Whilst I study at this incredible university, I hope to produce a blog that will eventually be full of my utter rubbish about everything concerning beauty, relationships and health… and probably more subjects because let’s face it, I’m new to this and who knows what I write about the best?!

I can talk a lot, whether that’s because I’m nervous or super comfortable around people. Regarding those three topics I will begin with, I have quite the obsession with my eyebrows, since I suffered a case of over-pluckig and at the age of 18, still have eyebrows that cease to exist (I have 1-and-a-half eyebrows) so beauty has become an important part of my life, in terms of products and application. Relationships – oh, them! Plenty to write about! Health is so important to talk about- as someone with chronic illness, I feel I can have a moan with you all and give you my advice, from my years of experience and also discuss some really taboo issues that we should all talk about, freely.

Maybe, if things turn out well, this blog will expand and contain more of what you would love to see so please, feel free to contact me via Twitter or using the contact form, commenting and so forth – it would be lovely to hear your thoughts!

Good bye for now,

B x


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