My first post about health: the pill

Hey everyone…

My blog is rather a mess at the moment, my life is mad and I am so indecisive on what direction I want this blog to go in so for now, it’s health and may expand depending on what you like to read and/or what I write about well!

Today’s post is on the contraceptive pill…I feel my opinions on the pill are fairly valid as I have been on the pill since I was 13/14 and I am 19 year olds now. A bit of background: I’ve been on various different pills, primarily to manage my menstrual cycle and I’ve used with and without other medication. When I was in my early teens, my menstrual cycle was so bad that I would be unable to even walk so my doctor first prescribed me Mefenamic Acid and Cilest, the contraceptive pill. Mefenamic acid, as I remember, was a blue and yellow pill that did help with the pain but not by that much and I eventually stopped using it. However, I stuck with the pill and have had a few different brands or types (not sure the word to use here) since.

Just to the note that I’ve had health complications and so forth during the past 5-6 years and I’ve been on various medication, including amazing painkillers, so some of my symptoms were hard to identify as being related to my menstrual cycle as they may have been related to my bowel and/or improved by my other meds I’ve taken over the years.

The pro’s of the pill:

  1. I know exactly when my period is happening (but you need to be taking the pill for about 1-2 months before the cycle is regular)
  2. The flow (no way to put it nicely) is so much lighter
  3. My acne is no way near as bad as it was before I took it
  4. The pill hasn’t affected my weight
  5. It’s been an affective contraception (provided you take it over the 21 days)

The con’s on the pill:

  1. Sometimes the pill can stop being effective and I’ve had to try new ones
  2. If you forget to take one out of the 21 days worth of pills, it’s not exactly a good contraceptive method
  3. Coming off of it will mess my cycle up big time
  4. It can make you over emotional
  5. It’s not as convenient as other methods, such as the injection or implant

Overall, I think the pill is great but I am biased because it’s worked for me and it’s all I know in terms of contraceptive methods for women. Obviously, if you’re going to use it primarily as a contraceptive, remember it only reduces the chances of pregnancy, not infections so be safe, really.

I recommend the pill if you have very heavy periods just because it was amazing in my experience and being a female is a nightmare anyway, so of course you want your period to be as manageable as possible – hopefully it’s useful and no other medication or investigation is needed!

Let me know what you’d like to read next and what you think of this, I need to improve so your comments help a lot, thank you!

B x



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